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Gout & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Gout & Rheumatoid Arthritis

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ISBN 9787117094856
Publisher People's Medical Publishing House
Publication Date First publiched 2008
Pages 392 pages, paperback
Product Dimensions 6.69 x 9.06 x 0.75 inches
Language English
Series The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine




by Deng Zhao-Zhi (Author), He, Ph.D. Yi-Ting (Author), Chen Wei (Author), Zhu Li-Qun (Author)

Gout is a metabolic disorder which results in raised blood levels of uric acid and the formation of crystals of uric acid salts in the joints. Uric acid is a natural element which results from the normal break down of food and the building up of body tissues. The clinical presentation of gout includes frequent attacks of arthritis, joint deformities, kidney damage and urinary stones.

According to diagnostic criteria, signs and symptoms of gout are grouped into:

  1. Typical gout
  2. Gouty nephropathy
  3. Uric acid kidney stones
  4. Acute uric acid nephropathy

The acute stage of gout, which is characterized by red swollen joints should be distinguished from other similar diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and suppurative arthritis.

From a TCM viewpoint, the clinical features of gout, such as frequent attacks of swelling, redness, heat and pain in the joints, and improper movement of limbs, place gout in the category of "bi-syndrome." The ancient TCM classic Suwen (The Book of Plain Questions) states that "bi-syndrome is due to a combined attack of wind, cold and dampness evils." Attacks on the meridians in the superficial areas of the body such as the feet and hands by wind, cold and dampness evils lead to stagnation of vital energy (qi) and blood circulation. It is an obstructive disorder.

The main principle in the Chinese medical treatment of gout is treatment based on pattern differentiation, Symptoms may vary with the different stages of the disease, thus treatment should be planned accordingly.

Pattern differentiation and treatment:

  1. Wind-damp-heat obstruction
  2. Wind-cold-damp obstruction
  3. Phlegm-stasis obstruction
  4. Liver and kidney insufficiency

This well-organized and comprehensive clinical series is characterized by important diseases, it provides detailed western disease information and Chinese clinical treatment effective for each specific disease. These books also discuss, in detail, related quotes of classical TCM iterature and clearly narrate the modern clinical experience of renowned physicians, thus enabling the practitioner to become more adept at using Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.


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